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Charvel EVH Art Series Guitar #239 | Tacoma, WA 5-5-2012

This Charvel USA EVH Art Series Tour Guitar #239 Features:
  • Yellow with Black Stripes – RARE REVERSE COLOR COMBINATION inspired by Eddie’s 1979 Black and Yellow striped ‘Bumblebee’ guitar (seen on the back of the Van Halen II album, and the actual guitar that was buried with Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell)
  • EVH signed “Tacoma, WA 5-5-12” along with his “Eddie Van Halen VH 2012” autograph in silver pen after the Cinco de Mayo show.
  • (4) “Van Halen 2012” guitar picks (attached with rolled duct tape) – I don’t recall ever seeing any of the 2004-2008 tour guitars with picks attached, so this is a very cool addition.
  • (2) Chrome Screw Eyes (replacing standard guitar strap buttons) – inspired by the iconic ‘Frankenstein’ guitar, but unique to most of Eddie’s Art Series guitars played on the 2012 Tour
  • (3) Truck Reflectors (attached to the back) – This is definitely a rare custom feature to this guitar and a tribute to the past.  Eddie used to flip up his Frankenstrat at the end of shows and reflect the stage lights off the back of his guitar for an added visual effect.
  • “Charvel Made In USA and EVH 239” stamped on the Neck Plate
  • “Genuine EVH 00239” Hologram Sticker (attached on the back between the tremolo springs)
  • “EVH #239” is handwritten in black pen on masking tape attached to the side of the custom G&G case with the EVH logo stitched inside.  Note: You will see in the photos that the case sustained some road rash somewhere along the way, but the goods inside have been well protected.
  • * Also includes a photograph and videos of EVH performing ‘I’ll Wait’ live in concert along with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Edward Van Halen

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