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TOUR: Van Halen 2007-2008 North American Tour
Ford Center in Oklahoma City, OK

DATE PLAYED: 1-22-08
And The Cradle Will Rock…
SETLIST.FM: January 22, 2008


And The Cradle Will Rock…Oklahoma City VH08 !!

Description (CREDIT: Leadmusic – Geneva, Switzerland)

Leadmusic has for sale one of the rare EVH / Charvel Art Series that belonged and was played by Van Halen !! This rare Art Series production was introduced by Van Halen himself, who asked EVH / Charvel to prepare for him, for his three tours of 2004, 2007-2008 and 2012, 300 unique and personalized instruments. Over the years and dates, some were sold, initially directly by the Van Halen staff on Ebay, a kind of EVH Shop, (this is the case with ours) in the days following the concert dates, and later by relatives or lucky people who had obtained these guitars. Most remained Van Halen’s property and are not in circulation. Our guitar was played by Van Halen on their date in Oklahoma City on January 22, 2008, on the track “And the Cradle Will Rock”, and was signed by Van Halen. The latter also left his pen lying around on the instrument, on the fingerboard, the pot…

These Art Series are a reference, both in instruments and in collectibles items, of course, but not all are equal, particularly in terms of price. It is necessary to distinguish the Art Series which do not have a mention, neither numbers nor graphic lettering. Such guitars are more common and although rare, are generally not as attractive or as expensive as the more rare and sought-after Art Series, which have special markings, graphics or lettering such as “….”NY”. .. “78”… “5150”… “Atomic Punk” and of course our “VH08”. During the second tour of 2007-2008, such Art Series with the lettering are unusual and rare and monopolize the top of the prices reached by the Art Series. In the years 2008-2012 most of the ones that hit the market were trading on Ebay and one seller in particular had a bunch of them, Lou Gatanas. the latter acquired our VH08 and resold it. Our guitar ended up with a major Canadian collector, and it was from the latter that I acquired it at the end of 2020. I put this instrument for the first time online on the Leadmusic Instagram on October 5, 2020 , one day before Edward Van Halen disappeared passed away…

The big thing about this unique guitar is obviously to have been played live by Van Halen, to be signed by Eddie Van Halen and to come with a large number of goodies and accessories, including its COA certificate also autographed by the master. Two photos of the Oklahoma City concert, a DVD of the concert, a Van Halen Tot Bag and a Van Halen chocolate (yes…) as well as, of course, the original certificate signed by Van Halen and documents attesting to the originality and of guitar traceability are included. This unique and rare guitar is delivered in its original hard case with inscriptions and handwritten details. Rare and truly collector’s item, complete with all its goodies, accessories and an original shipping box.


  • BLACK with White Striped Artwork (* REVERSE ’78 White & Black)
  • EVH signed “Oklahoma City, OK 1-22-08” along with “Eddie Van Halen, Van Halen” autographed with silver marker.
  • “VH08” Lettered Artwork.
  • “Charvel Made In USA and EVH 156” Stamped on the Neck Plate
  • “Genuine EVH 00156” Hologram Sticker (attached on the back between the tremolo springs)

Case & Candy

  • Custom G&G Quality Case with EVH Logo Inside
  • Photograph of EVH Performing LIVE in Concert at Ford Center in Oklahoma City, OK!!
  • Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Edward Van Halen

CATALOG PHOTO CREDITS:  Leadmusic (Reverb.com Listing)
ADDITIONAL CREDIT:  Leadmusic (Geneva, Switzerland)

Van Halen And the Cradle Will Rock OKC January 22, 2008

VIDEO CREDIT: smokster

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