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I’ve been an Edward Van Halen fanatic from the JUMP (video) and have always loved his iconic guitars as much as the music!!

Black & White Stripes, Circles too, along with a lot of Red spray paint and 5150 decals made King Edward more than just an 80s icon.  They became much of my identity as well.

In 2007, I was fortunate enough to be the original eBay auction winner of Edward’s yellow and black Charvel EVH Art Series Guitar #134 that he played live in my hometown of Seattle, WA.  I will never forget the energy (along with the smell of the box) that was just delivered directly to me from that tour.  Opening the case was an absolute pleasure, and then being able to hang Eddie Van Halen’s actual guitar on my wall is still truly unbelievable to me.  Sadly, fortunes changed just a few years later (as they did for so many around that time), and with my daughter on the way I knew it was best to part with my most prized treasure.

Years ago, I had an ambition to develop an online catalog of the 300 Charvel EVH Art Series Tour Guitars [Each uniquely hand-striped, stage played, and signed by Edward Van Halen] as a tribute to my guitar hero and with hopes of one day getting his blessing to do so.  That of course is no longer possible…but for some reason, I now feel more on a mission than ever to do so and it would be my honor.

My passion today is simply hunting for vintage and rare EVH guitars to showcase, sharing the details with fellow 5150 Maniacs who wish to journey down the EVH rabbit holes with me, and constantly refreshing my collection of wall art.


★ Charvel EVH Art Series Tour Guitars
★ Ernie Ball Music Man – Edward Van Halen Signature & AXIS EX Guitars (Translucent Purple has always been my favorite flavor!!)
★ Vintage, Rare, & Out Of Production EVH Guitars
★ EBMM/EVH Guitar Restoration Projects
★ Frankenstrat Art Tributes & Custom RestoMods


4 of my favorites in to see The Doctor, Brendan Dezember, for fresh setups!!
Photo Credit: BDezember

This is a fan based website being built with spare time, so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.




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