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TOUR: Van Halen 2007-2008 North American Tour
MGM Plaines d’Abraham in Quebec City, QC, Canada

And The Cradle Will Rock…
SETLIST.FM: July 3, 2008


And The Cradle Will Rock…Quebec 2008 !!

Description (CREDIT: Original eBay Listing)

The EVH Art Series Guitar

Each guitar is a one-of-a-kind work of art personally created by Edward Van Halen

This guitar was played live by Eddie on the 2008 Van Halen Tour on July 3, 2008 in Quebec City, QC.

This guitar is a single pickup Charvel/EVH Art Series Limited Edition.

This guitar features the classic red, white, and black Frankenstein design.

The guitar has not been altered in any way, shape or form except for the addition of Eddie’s autograph.
*To protect Eddie’s signature, a thin coat of clear lacquer is applied over the area of the guitar where it has been signed.

Features include:
Basswood Body with handstriped graphic by Edward Van Halen Single Piece Maple Neck with walnut skunk stripe
EVH Humbucking Pickup
Floyd Rose Original Tremelo
Schaller Tuning Machines
Custom CTS Low Friction Volume Pot Single Volume Knob labeled “TONE”
Limited Edition Partial Pickguard Design

This guitar comes with:
1) A custom G&G Case with the EVH logo embroidered on the inside
2) A Certificate of Authenticity signed by Eddie Van Halen
3) A photograph of Eddie Van Halen playing this guitar live on stage on July 3, 2008.


  • RED with White & Black Striped Artwork
  • EVH signed “Quebec City, QC 7-3-08” along with “Eddie Van Halen, Van Halen 2008” autographed with silver pen.  (Clear Lacquer Applied Over to Protect Signature)
  • “78” Unique Numbered Artwork.
  • White Partial Pickguard
  • “Charvel Made In USA and EVH 296” Stamped on the Neck Plate
  • “Genuine EVH 00296” Hologram Sticker (attached on the back between the tremolo springs)

Case & Candy

  • Custom G&G Quality Case with EVH Logo Inside
  • Photograph of EVH Performing LIVE in Concert at Plaines d’Abraham in Quebec City, QC, Canada!!
  • Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Edward Van Halen

CATALOG PHOTO CREDITS: eBay, The Jim Irsay Collection

Van Halen Quebec Summer Festival 2008

VIDEO CREDIT: Springslack

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